My Pieces

This is everyone, Mom, Dad, Gia (the Bride) and Samantha (the blonde)
**Look how cute Jackson is**

This is my one true love – my little pomeranian Jackson!!! I’m sure you’ll hear about him all the time =)

Here are all of my friends from college at our Senior Formal (I’m in the green)

One of my great friends- Kerryn (my boyfriends Sister-in-law). We both love to make delicious dinners together (while drinking wine)

A longtime friend Kristin and I at our favorite restaurant, Cosimo’s! (We met while working there when we were 17, and then realized our parents were longtime friends!)

this is my boyfriend – Joey!

Amie- my best friend since highschool!

my friend Ashley- met this girl a few years ago and absolutely love her!

Anyways – I think I covered everyone and anyone who is important to me.  My friends live in all different areas, so I am constantly traveling and reconnecting with them.


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