Hi everyone!!!

How have you been?? We had a huge storm here in the Northeast and thousands lost power!! Crazyness for halloween time!!

I actually visited a friend in Albany this weekend and had a great time!

Here we are making some cocktails! Grey goose pear, stoli apple, splash of butterscoth schnapps.

Before dinner..

We went to this place called the Point.  It had a very inventive menu…like this…

“Black and Blue Pizza” It had filet, gorgonzola, and gnocchi!!!! Yes Pasta on Pizza! Delish

Here are some other faves…

Lobster and Shrimp Tempura (Big chuncks of lobster)

Tuna and Beef Tartare

arugula salad, with corn, beets, avocado, and blue cheese

The next morning we decided on some good brunch eats!


Hashbrowns with a secret ingredient….

TRUFFLE OIL!! took the potatoes to a whole different level!!

Spinach, bacon, feta frittata

After brunch we headed to the mall and I bought these…

New Uggs!!!

Had a great weekend! See ya soon!