Hi everyone!!

On my day to work the other day, I stopped and used my Starbucks gift card and got this…

All the toppings come on the side which I like because you can control what goes in.  It came with nuts, brown sugar, and cranberries and raisins. YUM!

Ohh…I also got a haircut this weekend! What do you think? He took sooo much weight out of my hair…I have the thickest hair, so it looks alot better I think!!

I also had a delicious dinner at Bonefish on Friday night.

Of course, I get what I always get…House salad with danish blue…and tuna sashimi!! I loveeee their tuna..so fresh.

Of course we got the brownie.. You HAVE to get the brownie.  It is gluten free so it is VERY rich and dense. 

Dinner was great…..

So I got this new ring…Love turquoise jewelery

Okkk..gotta work! Have a happy Monday!!!