Hi loves!

So as I was saying in my last post, I went to one of my fav places to eat recently; the Cheesecake Factory!!!!

We started with a flatbread…(the roasted pear and arugula)

It was really yummy – loved it and only $5.50

We also shared the sweet corn tamale cakes

and the lettuce wraps

Honestly, everything is sooo good there.  Never had a bad meal.

After dinner, I went to look at some things at Williams and Sanoma.  Everything is so overpriced!!! OMG! I really wanted this frittata starter…sounds really good, but for $12.95 I think I can come up with my own creation!!

Same thing with this pumpkin bread mix…

I did however enjoy browsing the store, and got to try a free cup of espresso from their new overpriced espresso machine! LOL

Have a great day..xoxo!!!