Today I decided to venture out of my office and headed to Target and Adams. The other day me and a coworker got the salad bar for lunch at Adams, which was sooo good and will definitely be making more appearances on this blog! While I was there I picked up my favorite nuts – pistachios!

I also stopped for a spicy tuna roll – which was interesting….

I’ve never really had a roll like this before – it was like a deconstructed tuna roll.  I wasn’t a big fan, but it was OK..

Then I headed to Target to pick up some snacks.

I got that 12-pack of Clif Z Bars for $5!!!

I got this cute little box for my desk to put my pens in – only $1!

I have a meeting late tonight, see ya tomorrow with that Cheesecake Factory Post!!!! =)

Love Marissa – xoxoxo