Hi Loves!!

Today is my last day at my current job! As I said yesterday my office had a really nice lunch planned to celebrate.

We always order from Cosimo’s Trattoria.  Cosimo’s is the restaurant I used to work at during high school and college and the job I had before my “real job” at St. Francis. So it was so funny to see that Cosimo’s took part of my farewell and threw in free dessert along with this cute message on the tray…

Anyway..to the good part..the EATS!

penne ala vodka

baby spinach salad

and desserts!!! cannoli’s and tiramisu

My coworkers all pitched in and got me a gift as well!

a business card holder with my initials engraved!! ❤

They invited two donors who I have become very close with over the years, Joe and Helen. They were sweet enough to bring me a bottle of champagne!

I love Prosecco!! =)

And here is a group shot..We couldn’t get everyone in, but you get the idea!

It was such a nice lunch, and I will truly miss everyone!!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend everyone!!