Hey friends!!

This morning I woke up a little extra early to take my grandma to the dentist and on my way to work stopped to grab a coffee from McDonalds.  I like their coffee over Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks! What about you?

Yesterday for lunch, I met a friend for SUSHI!!!

I crave sushi at least once a week.  Yesterday I switched it up with an eel and avocado roll.  Usually I get spicy tuna!

Lately, I’ve been snacking on these.

PISTACHIOS! They are definitely my favorite nut. I’ve heard to get the ones with the shell on because you don’t eat as many.  So true! It takes so damn long to get the shells off, you get sick of trying after a normal serving! LOL

Ohh…and look what I found in my wallet.

Cute story: My friend Kerryn’s 1 1/2 year old son found this at her house months ago and he’s loves Jackson and was repeating his name over and over again while looking at the picture. Too bad he thinks Jackson’s name is Joey or “O-EY” as he pronouces it.

Anways..my aunt got me this dunkin donuts card as a gift for Christmas one year.  You can get them personalized! I had nooooo clue you could get this done. Such a neat gift idea!!

Ok..gotta work!!! See ya tomorrow

Marissa xo!!