Hey Guys!

What a fun weeekend! They always go by too fast…I had such a nice time with my roomate from college who I visited!

Saturday was such a perfect pool day…so sad the summer is coming to an end.  Where did it go!!??

While we lounged by the pool we sipped on this delicious and refreshing drink.  It was just grapefruit juice with fresh peices of mint.  Soooo good!

Then we were starving, so Loren’s mom offered up some turkish pizza.  It sounded a little weird, but after trying it I was obsessed!She said she got it at a specialty store, so I’ll have to look for it.  It was on this thin crispy flatbread, with meat and sauce. It was a little spicy, which I really liked.

How cute is her dog.  She loved me, because I kept feeding her! Loren has 5 dogs, love them!

After lunch we headed to the mall to do some shoppping!! I had to buy a pair of heels since I left mine home! =(

We headed to ALDO.

I got a really hot pair of black pumps for only $29.99! Too bad I didn’t end up wearing them because they hurt my feet that bad! Good thing I packed my flip-flops.  I’m always prepared.  I can usually wear any kind of heel and be fine, but these were just too much!!

Yes..those are definently getting returned!!

While shopping, I got so thirsty so we went to the Nordstrom cafe.

I wanted something refreshing so got a pomegranate iced tea. 

I also snacked on some nuts

After the mall, we had to rush and get ready to take the train into the city to meet some girlfriends for dinner at DUO at 9:00.

Next up, my fabulous dinner post!!! =)