Good Morning!!!

Yesterday on my way home from work I picked up a few things from the grocery store.

I’m obsessed with asparagus.  It’s definently my favorite vegetable.  I love it grilled or broiled with simply olive oil and S&P. 

I also got some part skim string cheese.  Perfect for a mid-morning snack.

Dole fruit crisps and fage yogurt. I love the cherry flavor.

Luna bars ($1), pistachios, mousse desserts (60 calories!) and a couple fuze drinks. (only $1)

(Clif Bars – also $1!)

When I was shopping, I got soo thirsty so picked up one of these.

It was sooo good..really tart, but i loved it!

And look at how nice these apricots look! They were soo tiny!

Ohh…and my mom picked this up at Panera.  I love their cream cheeses.  They are all reduced fat and they have the coolest flavors!

Hazelnut Cream Cheese!! I love hazelnut, in my coffee or NUTELLA!!

Well those are a few of my finds.  Have a great day everyone!! =)