Good morning!!

Saturday after my morning coffee, I went to get my car vacuumed for $5! That is so cheap, and he must’ve cleaned it for a good 25 minutes!! I tipped him $5 b/c he did such a good job! Jackson took a ride with me…

After that, I picked my sisters husband up at the gym and we made Sangria!

I bought a bottle of chardonnay, and a bottle of arbor mist sangria.

Then I sliced some lemons and limes.

and cut up some peaches

I then mixed it all together with some OJ. I would’ve liked to add more fruit but that was all we had in the fridge, so I made due. =)

We drank our sangria while snacking on cheese and crackers and the wasabi trail mix from Trader Joe’s.

Then it was time for lunch…

I wasn’t too hungry, so made a simple ham and cheese with mustard on rye toast. I threw it under the broiler and it was yummy!

Jackson also had lunch too, (some of my moms yogurt) He dies for this stuff!!

I then painted my nails and headed to a BBQ!

The color looked great, just what I wanted!

The food was so good.  We had ribs and chicken, along with a simple salad.

Hope everyones weekend was fabulous! See ya tomorrow! xoxo