…which means tomorrow is Friday!! My sister, Gia and her husband are coming up for the weekend. Her best friend from high school is getting married.  So exciting.  I think tomorrow night we may be dining at the Culinary, so I will keep you posted on our meal there! =) 

There is a great breakfast and lunch spot at the Culinary called the Apple Pie Bakery. 

It’s basically my favorite lunch spot.  Everything is sooo good.  Me and Gia LOVE the portobello and goat cheese sandwich.  It’s on ciabatta bread with pickled onions and balsamic.  They put a TON of goat cheese. 

The last time, I went with a co worker and he got this…

Chinese steamed buns, cool cucumber & chili salad, & spicy hoisin sauce

I highly recommend trying it out for lunch. You will not be disappointed!

Soo, last night for dinner I had a simple salad.

It had avacado, red onion, and danish blue.

and right now im snacking on this..

(You really should make these!!)

and these…

Hopefully tonight, I can read some of my magazines..

Ok..well I will leave you with a picture of Jackson! Have a great day and see ya tomorrow!!