I love trying new and somewhat healthier snacks.  My mom shared with me a new trail mix from Trader Joes which I absolutely love.  If you like wasabi, you have to try this. 

It basically includeds, almonds, peanuts, cranberries, & wasabi peas. The wasabi peas are definently the star of this trail mix! I suggest you go and try this if you have a Trader Joe’s near you!

Target also has some great trail mixes.  I have tried a few, but there are many more that I still need to get.

They contain all natural and healthy ingredients.  I prefered the raisin nut trail mix and I always like some crunch. The fruit and berry trail mix was very good though, and contained a generous serving of dried cranberries.

One of my favorite snacks is edamame.  They are japanese soy beans, and are sucha great source of protein.  Not to mention, they are delicious and only need a pinch of salt.  I like to buy the individual packets.  They are great for when you are working and need a quick snack. Just pop the packet in the microwave for two minutes and you are all set!

They also have “dry roasted” edamame beans. I’ve even seen these available at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.  These are easily portable and very healthy as well. 

They have a few different flavors as well.  Lightly Salted, Wasabi, and Goji Blend.

Recently I just picked up some oatmeal squares.  They are all natural, have 6g of protien and 5g of fiber.

These are really good! The three flavors I’ve seen are, banana walnut, chocolate, and peanut butter.  They are very soft and chewy, just like you would think!

Finally, if you have a sweet tooth and need a chocolate fix throughout your day, try to new skinnycow candy’s. 

I’ve tried the “crisps”  They are really good and only 110 calories.  They do not have the most healthful ingredients, but worth a try!