On Sunday, me and my mom decided we would make brunch for the McCormack’s before they headed back to Vermont.  (They are my sister’s husbands family.)

I decided to make a fritatta.  Fritatta’s are great because they feed alot of people and you don’t have to stand over the stove cooking eggs!

Summer Fritatta
First sautee 1 yellow onion with 3 medium size potatoes in a little bit of butter. Then add some diced red and green peppers.  While that is cooking, whisk together 10 eggs with some milk, dash of hot sauce, and cheddar cheese.  Pour the egg mixture over the potatoes and put in the oven to bake for about a half hour.  So easy and delish!

My sister made a simple fruit salad and my mom made blueberry muffins.

Everything was great!

Perfect end for the weekend.  Now I’m off to soak in the sun.  See everyone tomorrow!