Culinary Tour

Hello Everyone!!

What a weekend…I was sick with what I thought was the flu, however feel much better today.  With that said, my family and I had reservations at one of the restaurants at the Culinary Institute of America; The American Bounty.  We have been trying to get into the culinary for about a year now and finally got a reservation for Saturday night.

I was unable to go, but my family went and took pictures so I must share them with you!! Everything looked great, and they said it was on of the best meals they ever had!

Too bad I missed it, but at least I feel better today and will have alot to post from Thanksgiving!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and I’ll see you on the weekend with a turkey post! =)


Good Eats!

Hi Loves!!

What a great weekend. Perfect fall weather…

Here are some foodie highlights..

Friday me and my friend Anna went to Panera…I love their “you pick two” option. I got the tuna with mustard (yum) on rye bread and a greek salad. 

Then for dinner, went to Bonefish with mi familia and had the most AMAZING chocolate creme brulee.  It is huge and has fresh whipped cream.  Soooooo decadent…

Ohhh..forgot to tell you all, I got my dog shaved recently!!!!

And he got a new sweater…. =)

Some good happy hour finds at Bull and Buddha.  Apps only $2

(goat cheese wontons)

(pork tacos)

This morning on my way to work I stopped and used my starbux gift card for this…

(egg white and turkey bacon on whole wheat english muffin)

Hope you liked my finds! See ya soon!!





Weekend Recap

Hi everyone!!!

How have you been?? We had a huge storm here in the Northeast and thousands lost power!! Crazyness for halloween time!!

I actually visited a friend in Albany this weekend and had a great time!

Here we are making some cocktails! Grey goose pear, stoli apple, splash of butterscoth schnapps.

Before dinner..

We went to this place called the Point.  It had a very inventive menu…like this…

“Black and Blue Pizza” It had filet, gorgonzola, and gnocchi!!!! Yes Pasta on Pizza! Delish

Here are some other faves…

Lobster and Shrimp Tempura (Big chuncks of lobster)

Tuna and Beef Tartare

arugula salad, with corn, beets, avocado, and blue cheese

The next morning we decided on some good brunch eats!


Hashbrowns with a secret ingredient….

TRUFFLE OIL!! took the potatoes to a whole different level!!

Spinach, bacon, feta frittata

After brunch we headed to the mall and I bought these…

New Uggs!!!

Had a great weekend! See ya soon!




Long Overdue Post!

Sorry everyone for being MIA! I cannot believe it’s been so long since I blogged. I have been super busy at my new job which I love and blogging has taken a backseat.  Anyway, I hope I am back to my normal blogging schedule!!

Since, I’ve been going I have alot of recaps to do. MY BDAY!!! MY visit to Boston and many other delicious meals!!!

Here are some photos from a Boston trip to visit my sister!! =)

me and my chichi getting ready for the 3 hr ride!

my sister and her husbands new condo

After a long day we were starving and ready for dinner.  We ate in the “North End” of Boston which is like Little Italy, even bigger!

Lasagna – so good and huge!

My sister got this ravioli special that apparently they always have.  It was stuffed with eggplant.

After dinner since it was such a beautiful night we headed to the Seaport for dessert.

Berry Cobbler

Banana’s Foster Bread Pudding- Don’t mind that little bite out of the side! =)

Best Chocolate Cake ever!

Fun Weekend!

I will be back tomorrow with a birthday recap!!! Have a great day!!!


Hi everyone!!

On my day to work the other day, I stopped and used my Starbucks gift card and got this…

All the toppings come on the side which I like because you can control what goes in.  It came with nuts, brown sugar, and cranberries and raisins. YUM!

Ohh…I also got a haircut this weekend! What do you think? He took sooo much weight out of my hair…I have the thickest hair, so it looks alot better I think!!

I also had a delicious dinner at Bonefish on Friday night.

Of course, I get what I always get…House salad with danish blue…and tuna sashimi!! I loveeee their fresh.

Of course we got the brownie.. You HAVE to get the brownie.  It is gluten free so it is VERY rich and dense. 

Dinner was great…..

So I got this new ring…Love turquoise jewelery

Okkk..gotta work! Have a happy Monday!!!

Cheesecake Factory & Williams Sanoma

Hi loves!

So as I was saying in my last post, I went to one of my fav places to eat recently; the Cheesecake Factory!!!!

We started with a flatbread…(the roasted pear and arugula)

It was really yummy – loved it and only $5.50

We also shared the sweet corn tamale cakes

and the lettuce wraps

Honestly, everything is sooo good there.  Never had a bad meal.

After dinner, I went to look at some things at Williams and Sanoma.  Everything is so overpriced!!! OMG! I really wanted this frittata starter…sounds really good, but for $12.95 I think I can come up with my own creation!!

Same thing with this pumpkin bread mix…

I did however enjoy browsing the store, and got to try a free cup of espresso from their new overpriced espresso machine! LOL

Have a great day..xoxo!!!




Today I decided to venture out of my office and headed to Target and Adams. The other day me and a coworker got the salad bar for lunch at Adams, which was sooo good and will definitely be making more appearances on this blog! While I was there I picked up my favorite nuts – pistachios!

I also stopped for a spicy tuna roll – which was interesting….

I’ve never really had a roll like this before – it was like a deconstructed tuna roll.  I wasn’t a big fan, but it was OK..

Then I headed to Target to pick up some snacks.

I got that 12-pack of Clif Z Bars for $5!!!

I got this cute little box for my desk to put my pens in – only $1!

I have a meeting late tonight, see ya tomorrow with that Cheesecake Factory Post!!!! =)

Love Marissa – xoxoxo

San Genaro Fest

Hey Guys!!!

So I’ve started my new job and am loving it!! My coworker Anna and I got lunch today at Cosimo’s.  I got a shrimp and arugula sandwich with a pesto aioli and a side salad. Look at the size of that salad!!

I only finished half of the sandwich.  Hello leftovers =)

So this past weekend I went to San Genaro Fest in Little Italy.

Great food!!!! Here are some of the eats

And here are some of the vendors with delicious italian treats

Here I am strolling through…

And I’ll leave you with this picture of Jackon…OMG!!!


Have a great day!!

I still have a post to do from when I went to the Cheesecake Factory!!! Will try to do that tomorrow


Dinner at Aroma

Hi Loves!!

So yesterday i did some shopping and then stopped at Starbucks for a snack and an iced coffee.  It was a beautiful day yesterday

(Jackson enjoying the sun)

Then, last night we went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in our area; Aroma Osteria.

I started with a beet and arugula salad that was garnished with ricotta salata. It was tossed in a lemon vinaigrette that was so light and delicious!

I wasn’t too hungry so I stuck with an appetizer for my meal.  Grilled shrimp and roasted lentils.  Very good!

Of course we had to share dessert!

I always opt for the chocolate choice. =)

Well, I have to get ready.  I’m taking the train into Manhattan for the San Genaro Festival.  Full of good eats and shopping.  I will have lots to blog about Monday!! Have a great weekend! =)


Wine Bar

Hiiii everyone!!

So last week, I went to a new wine bar that opened up. 

Usually wine bars, have obviously a million selections of wine with a limited selection of small plates.  A lot of places have cheese plates, which is always a good idea to have with wine. Goes perfectly together! Who doesn’t love wine and cheese!?

The inside of this place is beautiful, I loved the wooden beams and the paint color.

We ended up splitting a bottle of pinot grigio and split an appetizer.

It was really fun! I’ll definently go again!!

Anways, I painted my nails last night…. what do you think of this nail trend?

Well have a great weekend!!! I’m going shopping!! =)